Useful Australian Bookkeeping Software Tips (2018)

Here are some useful links to news on Australian bookkeeping software and bookkeeping tips for 2018.

The most popular systems used by Australian businesses include Xero, MYOB Essentials (cloud), MYOB AccountRight, QuickBooks (QBO) and SageOne (cloud).

Bookkeeping software pricing (in Australia)

The monthly subscription pricing to those bookkeeping systems seems to change very often – they are all in massive competition with each other to win market share.  So it’s useful to check their latest pricing, especially if the business has payroll requirements:

QuickBooks Online (QBO)

QuickBooks Online (QBO) direct bank feeds news – more accurate feeds

I noticed that the ordinary QBO bank feed can sometimes feed in the same transactions twice (on different dates).  If you or your client clicks to [Add] these all in over time, the duplicate transactions will throw off your bank reconciliations, so look out for this.  I think the direct feeds will be more accurate and hopefully will reduce the duplicate transactions in QBO.

GST free suppliers

List of GST free suppliers – useful when entering expenses (for all bookkeeping software)


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